Janusfabrikken AS

N-5267 Espeland, Norway

+47 55 53 58 00

Opening hours: 08 - 16

About JanusPro

JanusPro Regular, Extra, Pluss and Workwool are all sub-collections of JanusPro and all have different features. In addition, we have antiflame wool socks. The collections range from lightweight underwear to thicker multi-protective and flame-retardant garments, made to satisfy the highest quality requirements. At Janusfabrikken in Bergen, we have been producing quality woollen clothes since 1895.

Our long history has given us a unique experience and expertise, and we know what works in our varied and challenging climate. Our products are made to withstand daily use, and each stitch is knitted with a focus on good craftsmanship and high quality.

Wool is a fantastic natural product that has properties no synthetic fibers have managed to copy. A wool garment feels cool when it is warm and warm when it is cold. Wool absorbs about 30% moisture without feeling wet on the skin. Sweat is effectively absorbed, which prevents the development of bacteria and odors. The garment, therefore, does not need to be washed between each time it is used. Less frequent washing results in less consumption of water and detergents and prolongs the durability of the garment.

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